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                               Mission Statement

Our mission at California Gun Rights is to promote and guarantee all citizens the right to bear arms by changing public policy through the initiative process. Our proposed state constitutional initiative will ensure the right to bear arms for all individuals and guarantee the right of all individuals to lawfully use a firearm for personal and property protection, hunting and sport shooting.



The State shall not enact laws that infringe or deny the right of the individuals to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.


-Neither the State nor any political subdivision of the State shall impose a special tax, levy, charge, exaction, or regulatory fee on the sale of firearms, ammunition, or firearms accessories.


-Neither the State nor any political subdivision of the State shall require firearm or firearm owner registration.


-Neither the State nor any political subdivision of State shall require registration or fingerprinting for the purchase or transfer of ammunition or firearms accessories.         


-Neither the State nor any political subdivision of the State shall prohibit or regulate ammunition, clips or magazines, or the lead content of ammunition.


-Existing laws that are in conflict with this Act are void to the extent of any conflict.

 OUR MESSAGE  We all know the duty of our Governor and Legislature is first and foremost to protect and defend the civil rights of all citizens, but the radical progressive liberals ruling elite have openly chosen not to live up to their duty as citizens of this state to defend our right to bear arms. They have chosen the opposite path of what it means to be an American citizen and an American Patriot. They have chosen a dark path to take away our civil rights to which leads to a repressive form of government whose only means of survival is through further oppression of the rights of the people. 
Since the California legislature and governor’s office are currently dominated by radical progressive liberals who are hell bent on destroying rights, not protecting rights, we can't expect them to protect our rights.  We can fight back with the initiative process. We can circumvent the racial progressive liberals in this state by utilizing the initiative process to amend the state constitution.

     Since our State Constitution does not have a provision for the right to bear arms we plan to amend the California State Constitution by submitting directly to the voters the initiative measure California Gun Right Act.

     Our proposed initiative to amend the California State Constitution is about whether YOU, as a California citizen, are going to sit back and let the ruling elite in Sacramento do all they can to destroy your civil rights as a citizen, or we all can do something about their dereliction of duty.  This initiative is about stopping the continued loss of our freedoms, our liberties and our rights .  This initiative is about whether we will become the makers of history, not the victims of history.  

FPPC #1361623

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California Gun Rights

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